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Beneath the Lion's Gaze

Maaza Mengiste

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When you are convinced that everything that happens is the will of God, what is there to do but wait until God has mercy?”

“We must not be anything other than what we are.”

“The nature of love is to kill for it, or to die.”

“A government of fighters won't know how to lead, only create more war. You think bravery is measured in resistance.”

“How many shots had to be fired to turn this child back to his home and anxious mother?”

“The rich think this land is theirs though they have never earned the right to call it theirs.”

“Those who are dead aren’t worth dying for.”

“Hope can never come from doing nothing.”

“All was normal, Hailu knew without looking, he could understand the body's silent language without the help of machinery. Years of practice had taught him how to decipher what most patients couldn't articulate. These days were teaching him more: that the frailty of our bodies stems from the heart and travels to the brain. That what the body feels and thinks determines the way it stumbles and falls.”

“Who’s left to rule if everyone’s in jail.”

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Book Keywords:

revolution, god, identity, love, identity-politics, self, class, feudalism, destiny, war, god-s-will, wealth

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