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House of Hollow

Krystal Sutherland

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I am the thing in the dark.”

“That’s a pretty heavy burden to bear, being everything for someone.”

“Some people go missing because they want to; some go missing because they’re taken. And then there are the others—those who go missing because they fall through a gap somewhere and can’t claw their way back.”

“Why are you so beautiful, do you think? So hungry? So able to bend the wills of those around you? You are like the death flowers that grow rampant in your wake: lovely to look at, intoxicating even, but get too close and you will soon learn that there is something rank beneath. That’s what beauty often is, in nature. A warning. A disguise.”

“My sisters. My blood. My skin. What a gruesome bond we shared.”

“Nothing in her life had ever been neat or ordered. She slammed through the world, a tornado in the form of a girl, and left a trail of destruction behind her.”

“I got you out," Grey said fiercely. "I gave you the life I promised you I would give you. I have no regrets. I want you to know that. I would do everything I did again, one hundred times over. When you are ready to talk to me, I will be waiting for you, because I am your sister. In this life, and in the last.”

“I'd realized there were scarier things in the world than the monsters that lived in my nightmares.”

“Both of my sisters were the great loves of my life. I couldn’t live without them. I didn’t want to.”

“What you don’t understand,” she said to me once when I told her how dangerous it was, “is that I am the thing in the dark.”

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