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Bad Blood

Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Home isn't a place. Home is the people who love you. Forever and ever, no matter what.”

“Your mama always did have an eye for good-looking men." This was Ree, trying to be diplomatic. "Then again, she also had an eye for trouble." Not that diplomatic. Ree narrowed her eyes at Dean. "You trouble?" she asked. "No, ma'am." She turned to Michael. "You?" He offered her his most charming smile. "One hundred percent." Ree snorted. "That's what I thought.”

“Sometimes, the most dangerous people were the ones you trusted most.”

“This is Sadie,” he told his father, tucking a hand around Lia’s waist as he introduced her by her alias of choice. “And by the door, we have Esmerelda, Erma, and Barf.” For the first time, I saw a flicker of annoyance cross Townsend Senior’s face. “Barf?” He eyed Dean. “It’s short for Bartholomew,” Lia lied smoothly. “Our Barf had a speech impediment as a child.”

“Life is full of drowning people, ready and willing to drown you, too.”

“In the interest of ultimate honesty,” Celine cut in, “I’m pretty sure that everyone present would appreciate it if you two got a room.” “I wouldn’t,” Dean grumbled. “I am unbothered by displays of physical and emotional intimacy,” Sloane volunteered. “The nuances and statistics underlying courtship behavior are quite fascinating.” The edges of Celine’s lips quirked upward as she met Sloane’s gaze. “You don’t say.” Sloane frowned. “I just did.”

“It’s not a ridiculous idea.” Sloane stood up. Her voice trembled. “You just can’t see it. You don’t understand it. But just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean you get to ignore it. You can’t just pretend the pattern doesn’t exist and hope it goes away.” -Sloane”

“Sometimes, the hardest thing to be is the one who lives.”

“One: He's Michael. Two: he's scheduled for a meltdown. Three: Lia had been miss Rosy Sunshine since she got downstairs, and Lia doesn't do roses or sunshine unless she's screwing with someone or deeply upset. -Dean Redding”

“Home isn't a place. It's not having a bed to come home to, or a yard, or a Christmas tree at the holidays. Home is the people who love you.”

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