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The odyssey of my lost thoughts

Claudia Pavel

Top 10 Best Quotes

“A timeless classical love story our romance shall be… I'll paint it on vintage canvas cause your love transcends the realms defeats any measure of time and lasts forever. (fragment from "Utopia", chapter Hope)”

“His eyes undress his ancient unrevealable emotions. … A suffocating pain is hidden in his eyes. His heart is locked in the depth of the eternal abyss. … His smile ripped my soul and hypnotized my brain,… Seduced in an indescribable agony of dreams.… I had dreams haphazardly about a phantasmagorical creature, unbelievably beautiful, … I felt his touch disintegrating my entire body, it was the apogee of an unborn world and the fallen of the existing one, (fragment from Bewitched, chapter Passion)”

“The color of the sun when rises Your skin when shines, just tanned The stars raveled on a clear blue sky Your favorite dress of mine, fallen on the floor... (fragment from "Yellow", chapter Hope)”

“I will meet you in the light, in the morning one, when raindrops fall on your mild skin and your blue eyes sparkle better than the sky. (fragment from "I will meet you then", chapter Hope)”

“and then I look deep into your eyes and we melt into each other and enjoy that melting, like those things that belong together... (fragment from Passion beneath, chapter Passion)”

“On wings of moonlight Beneath the stars Breathing time I shall find Your eyes (fragment from "Beatitude", chapter Hope)”

“It's made of poetry and art and lost hearts enhanced in magic It's the kingdom of love, where free spirits find their resilience It's the dream catcher of lost passion and deep silence It's the torso where rebel souls find their homeland It's the beginning of a dream and the end of another It's what keeps you up in the night, when you're breathing dreams It's that madness of artists caught in the wind It's the night on a full moon drown between chimeras It's you making love to me, under the blessings of Seine..." (fragment from "Paris", chapter Hope)”

“In the waltz of the leaves in the air In the features of the playful clouds In the nostalgia carried by the wind In Paris alone, I save your love (fragment from Your presence “partout”, chapter Hope)”

“I stand still inhaling the beauty of our memories, Flashbacks of our togetherness burn my flesh and I breathe love through every single skin pore. (Excerpted from The room, chapter Pain)”

“you find your resilience hidden deep inside of you, you remember your past, you count your blessings, you start to love yourself again, for who you were, who you are who you had become. (Excerpted from Acceptance, chapter Pain)”

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