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The Nature of a Lady

Roseanna M. White

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Love really was like a bird. You didn’t know where it might settle, or where. You couldn’t tame it, couldn’t force it. Couldn’t often predict it. You could call and call for it and never would it flutter down. Then, at the most unexpected time, in the most unexpected place, it was there.”

“But how sins could be forgiven, how Jesus could have taken them upon himself with death and then come to life again, how they could somehow partake of a world beyond the physical one she so loved…those were the things that belonged to faith. Those were the things science couldn’t explain, and didn’t need to.”

“Because it's by naming a thing, knowing a thing, that you come to understand it. Only when you see its unique traits can you truly appreciate what it is, and what it isn't.”

“The islands know your names they know all of us who love them.”

“How lovely it must be to know your place in the world without ever having to think about it.”

“Everyone in the Scillies knew that when Oliver Tremayne took hold of your arm and looked deep into your eyes, he saw right down to your soul.”

“Isn’t it tiring, being such a blighter all the time?”

“He knows your name. Not Libby, not Elizabeth Sinclair. Your true name, the one at the heart of you that has never been spoken. He knows you, and He calls you by it. You, in all your uniqueness. You, in all that makes you different from others. You, in all that you have in common with them. He knows you, and He calls you by name. He knows how you fit into this world.”

“He can whisper the future to His prophets. He can send and heal plagues. He can raise the dead.”

“You're fretting, Ollie. What does the Good Book say about that? Somehow, it's always easier to quote those passages for another than live it for myself.”

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