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This Vicious Grace

Emily Thiede

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She might be but one stitch in the tapestry, but every stitch had a purpose, and threads couldn't become art without them.”

“Keep your gods and goddesses on their pedestals if you want, but the rituals, the rules, the isolation? You know that isn’t really from them, right? That’s written by mortals. Men, mostly. We have a bad habit of locking up people who scare us, and the thing that scares men with power most is a woman with more of it.”

“Cry. Rage. You deserve to. You’re angry, and you should be, but you get to choose whether it will make you bitter or make you better.”

“How cruel, that sharing someone else's grief did nothing to alleviate it for them. In physics, there were rules and forces, equal and opposite reactions, a balance. But emotions didn’t obey rules, and though sympathy settled over her like a blanket, it did nothing to help him. … Even her hands, which stole power, strength, and life itself. Were powerless to siphon off any of his suffering.”

“the thing that scares men with power most is a woman with more of it.”

“I supposed I’ll let you put your clothes on now.” He snorted. “Like you could stop me.” “I could kill you with my pinky.” “I’m shaking.”

“Sympathy, kindness, love, and friendship—all those precious human experiences that made for a full life—those were for other people, not her.”

“Justice. There was no justice in putting someone on trial for what they were, not what they’d done.”

“And you keep saying you aren't the hero." "I'm not. You're the hero. I'm just asking a girl to hold my hand.”

“She wanted to rip down the sky and shred it with her fingernails, to pluck every star from the fabric of heavens until fathomless darkness matched the void inside her.”

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