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Reality Hunger: A Manifesto

David Shields

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Copies have been dethroned; the economic model built on them is collapsing. In a regime of superabundant free copies, copies are no longer the basis of wealth. Now relationships, links, connections, and sharing are. Value has shifted away from a copy toward the many ways to recall, annotate, personalize, edit, authenticate, display, mark, transfer, and engage a work. Art is a conversation, not a patent office. The citation of sources belongs to the realms of journalism and scholarship, not art. Reality can’t be copyrighted.”

“Story seems to say that everything happens for a reason and I want to say, No, it doesn’t.”

“A great book allows me to leap over that wall: in a deep, significant conversation with another consciousness, I feel human and unalone.”

“A memoir is a work of sustained narrative prose controlled by an idea of the self under obligation to lift from the raw material of life a tale that will shape experience, transform the event, deliver wisdom.”

“What if America isn’t really the sort of place where a street urchin can charm his way to the top through diligence and talent? What if instead it’s the sort of place where heartwarming stories about abused children who triumphed through adversity are made up and marketed?”

“I’m interested in knowing the secrets that connect human beings. At the very deepest level, all our secrets are the same.”

“He who follows another will never overtake him.”

“Every work, no matter how short or antilinear, needs momentum;”

“Candor is key—being willing to say what no one else is willing to say.”

“always try to read form as content, style as meaning.”

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