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Under Different Stars

Amy A. Bartol

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I’m used to holding on to nothing as tight as I can.”

“I’d break every rule for you.”

“You cannot thrive under the wrong stars, Kricket… the stars here are in opposition to you… can’t you feel it?… Let us take you home.”

“She's in your head, Trey." "My head, my heart, my blood," Trey responds immediately.”

“I’m just saying that when there is little left to lose, the consequences of one’s actions don’t carry the same weight…painful or otherwise.”

“I told him that when we first met... I felt like a butterfly trapped in a net. But... I told him that the more time I spent with him, the more I began to realize how much he means to me I told him that since it seems to be my destiny to dodge raindrops... I was grateful to be dodging them with him. So, I promised him that it would always be his name on my mind when I start my rotation... and when I go to bed each evening... and every quiet moment in between. It will be his name... savored on my lips... stretched across my heart... worshipped by my body... and branded in my mind... until death do us part... and forever after that.”

“War sounds romantic, heroic even, until everyone you know starts dying.”

“We have to make the stars align for us now-- find a way for us now to get burned for being together." - Trey to Kricket”

“I can't figure out what's wrong with her feet! -Nothing's wrong with my feet! -They are an alluring shade of pink. -Jax, that's nail polish!”

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. I’m used to holding on to nothing as tight as I can.”

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new-adult, death, dystopian, kricket, sci-fi, romantic, war, romance, hero, dying, young-adult

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