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Marie Lu

Top 10 Best Quotes

“It is always the gentle ones I fear for the most, those willing to bare their hearts, who grieve for others and feel happy for others' happiness.”

“Because my mother taught me that, in spite of everything, I must choose goodness.”

“You have taken advantage of my silence in every way, robbed me of my dignity and my pride. You have used me for your own gain. Now, in your hour of greatest need, you will use me again. And yet, I will still risk my life to save yours. I swore and oath to this country on the day I donned this coat, to protect you and every other citizen from harm so long as there is breath in my body.”

“May there always be future dawns.”

“We aren't trusted here - not because of who we are, but where we come from.”

“They may try to take everything from you... But you can take from them too.”

“Our pasts matter because they created us, helped mold us into who we are.”

“But conquering people is easy. You break past their defenses, seize their cities, burn their world to the ground. To annihilate us, though, is impossible. A seed will survive. I am not done. I will not forget.”

“You're alive, and Mara still stands." I leaned my cheek against her my hand and watched her crush eggshells into her plants' soil as fertilizer. "Is it standing," I signed at her, "or is it just falling slowly?”

“Sometimes a crime is an act of heroism.”

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