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Operation Justice: To Make A Society That Needs No Law

Abhijit Naskar

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Those who make no contributions to the society, show off with cars, motorcycles, credit cards and other meaningless material possessions.”

“Beware of your kid's screen consumption time - it's a matter of life and death - of psychological life and psychological death. Raise them in a way that they do not lose their sense of community in the fake crowd of hashtags and emojis.”

“Yesterday I was stupid, so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am more stupid, so I am changing the world. And tomorrow there will be a hundred more stupid like me, for this stupidity for changing the world can never accept any excuse for inaction, even if that excuse happens to be a most rational reason.”

“With the rise of social media, the level of empathy among the kids has diminished greatly, and if this continues due to our indifference, then I'm afraid, we'll be giving rise to a planet full of sociopaths.”

“The world doesn't need more bent police who pretend to uphold the law in front of an investigation, it needs more just police who practice justice even when nobody is looking.”

“Stepping up in the face of injustice, is not vigilantism, it's humanity.”

“Stepping up in the face of injustice, is not vigilantism, it's humanity - and being indifferent to injustice is not smartness, it's barbarism.”

“Justice is not a legal matter, it's a human matter.”

“Justice doesn't mean absence of injustice, it means the presence of human will to stand up to injustice.”

“Justice and humanity are not different, they are one and the same thing - where there is justice, there is humanity - where there is no humanity, there is no justice.”

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