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The Nobleman's Guide to Scandal and Shipwrecks

Mackenzi Lee

Top 10 Best Quotes

“... there is life after you survive.”

“I want to stop picking at life like it's a meal I don't want to eat, because I want to. I want to taste it all. I want life to be a feast, even if I have to eat it raw and bloody and burned some days. I will pick bones from my teeth. I will let the juice drip down my chin.”

“I thrive only in extremely specific conditions.”

“... the feeling that you’re not so much living your life as just trying to push through it won’t last forever. Someday you’ll be able to breathe.”

“Anyone who says they enjoy my writing is clearly either lying or has terrible taste.”

“Why do people assume I know more than I do? I’m an idiot about most things.”

“there are so many things wrong with me, so many cracks in my foundation, that patching one will hardly help with the stability of the whole. One less corner where the cold seeps in doesn’t matter when the roof still needs fixing and the doors don’t sit right in their frames and why bother with one crack when the whole house is falling down around you? I’ll spend my whole life trying to repair myself and still die a broken person. It sounds exhausting.”

“Walking into hell is always the easiest part. It’s coming back that takes work.” “But she found a way. We always do, don’t we?”

“The plausibility of a worry has never stopped me from asking it to dance.”

“So I spend several days in lonely solitude, not wanting to initiate conversation but also desperate for it, but also certain that once I have it, the only things I'll want is to be back in my cabin, alone.”

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