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The Unfinished Book About Who We Are

Joseph Rain

Top 10 Best Quotes

“A worthy relationship is an agreement that challenges and supports both participants.”

“All control, in essence, is about who controls the truth.”

“Allow what is to be.”

“Any system based on competition will inherently promote inequality, division, and conflict.”

“All dissatisfaction arises from expectation.”

“As long as our body-mind-heart-spirit connection is active and balanced, we will continue to grow.”

“An all-powerful ruler of the Universe would not endorse a dormant mind.”

“You're never to old to be young”

“Emotional intelligence is knowledge of the “Self,” understanding who we are, and employing this knowledge to exercise self-control in our relationships with other beings and the world. Only by knowing ourselves can we responsibly and efficiently manage our senses, thoughts, words and actions, and behave in a benevolent manner toward other beings and the world.”

“As our awareness of the world and who we are increases, we will grow to replace our needs with service, fear with love and scarcity with abundance.”

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