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Renaada Williams

Top 10 Best Quotes

“you are the prettiest bouquet of dying flowersi have ever seen.”

“dont stay feeling sorry for me ive been in so many pieces enough times to know how to put myself together again - pity”

“trust the voice your gut is pulling from - instincts”

“the problem wasn't me belonging to you it was that younever belonged to me.”

“i stayed longer longer than i should have trying to teach you how to love me wheni didn't even know what that meant.”

“i like a fool stayed waiting for the day you would do something different”

“don't spend all of your time and energy giving someone else your life share yourself in portions enough to have some for them enough to still hold onto you.”

“never forget to pick up the pieces no matter how old or useless they may seem they will still createa masterpiece. - to all the broken hearts”

“don't stay feeling sorry for me i've been in so many pieces enough times to know how to put myself together again. - pity”

“as if talking aloud to someone that tells me everything i tell myself when i have a clear spot in my brain will make the clutter in my brain just magically clean itself up  but i went anyway and i sat across from a womanthat seemed so pleasant and eager to help i kept going back because i guess thats what i was supposed to be doing but what exactly is she supposed to be doing?”

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patience, flowers, regret, loss, emotion, breakup, love, life, poem, fool, poetry, dying, feeling

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