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The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers: Reclaiming Our Passion, Purpose, and Sanity

Meg Meeker

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The tricky part about discovering our giftedness is that it may be in an area that feels unexpected.”

“Friends who love us know that motherhood is about transitioning--and adjusting, constantly, to those changes. We must become masters of change because that is what life demands of us.”

“We simply must accept that they are loaned to us for a time and then they are released into adulthood. When we believe this, we feel more joy and contentment in parenting them, we simplify our expectations of ourselves regarding parenting, and we experience a welcome levity in our relationships with them. Inward”

“She felt indispensable and made no apologies. She allowed herself to accept her importance and this is something many of us mothers refuse to do.”

“we successfully take charge and simplify these areas of our lives—our expectations of ourselves, our schedules, our attitudes about work, and our spending habits—we will experience far greater contentment. The weight will lift from our shoulders and we will find that, wonderfully, we have energy to focus on what we really want to matter, the things we might have put on our “real” list, such as our relationships with loved ones, appreciating the goodness around us, and paying attention to the deeper parts of our character and the character of others. Make”

“most kids would much rather have our time than the stuff and opportunities we kill ourselves in order to provide.”

“living to impress no one at all, and figuring out what’s going to be the most important in the end.”

“You need to feel good about the job that you are doing because, if you are like most American moms, you are far too critical of the job you’re doing. I know this because I can see that being a great mom matters to you. You want to get it right and you assess your performance daily. What you need to know is that you assess your performance far more critically than your kids do—they just want you.”

“Working hard and acquiring nice things wasn’t Gretchen’s problem; having it occupy too much of her mental, physical, and emotional energy was. She had a belief instilled in her when she was young that she needed to be prepared for bad things to happen. To her, that meant that she needed to have financial security. When her belief was coupled with her very intense personality, a fuse was lit. She began working to get more and more security, but earning more didn’t give her that. Otherwise she would have been able to stop. She became obsessive about earning and it cost her and her relationship with her daughter a lot. It stole relaxed, enjoyable time from them.”

“When it comes to areas of our lives that we have no control over, we need a place where we can turn to find certainty. That’s why this passage helps us so much.”

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