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Kameron Hurley

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The sand has rules. Fucked up rules, but rules nonetheless.”

“So what the hell's wrong with me?" Nyx eased off the marble slab. "Besides your deviant moral flexibility and severe phobia of emotional commitment?" Yahfia asked. "I consider those virtues," Nyx said.”

“Nyx was a lot of things, but forgettable wasn't one of them.”

“Anything less than the desert was a dream.”

“Nyx had finished off a fifth of vodka for breakfast, since she'd sworn off whiskey.”

“You're scaring the help," Rhys said. He watched her now with his dark eyes. "I scare a lot of people," Nyx said.”

“We kill a few people to stop a lot of people dying," Nyx said. "Wars kill a lot of people to keep a few people rich.”

“All you do is learn how to fight a war,” Nyx said. “Nobody ever teaches you how to stop.”

“...the love of one's life was never that which you wished for or hoped for or forgot or lost or mistook; it was the partner you spent your long days with...”

“Rumour has it you've turned castration into an occupation." "You go cutting one guy's cock off and you never hear the end of it," Nyx said.”

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