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Magnetic Nonprofit: Attract and Retain Donors, Volunteers, and Staff

Jeremy Reis

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Thanking your donor should be an opportunity to brag about the donor instead of your organization.”

“People aren’t giving you money to fund programs. They’re donating to see results.”

“Nurturing a donation is unlocking a donor’s desire to express their joy for caring for others.”

“Major donors want you to be effective and efficient — but most of all, they want to know you understand and value their partnership.”

“Leadership isn’t just about deciding what to do, it’s also about knowing what not to do.”

“If you hate asking for a donation, you don’t understand your donor. You’re stealing their joy.”

“Fundraising isn’t about the money, that’s just one outcome. Fundraising is about people.”

“Emotions play the biggest part of moving a donor to give, but statistics and impact reinforce the decision to give to reduce donor’s remorse.”

“Don’t let comparison kill your creativity.”

“Donors don’t give to your organization, they give to make the world a better place.”

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