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Are We There Yet?

David Levithan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Here's what I think. We all want someone to build a fort with. We want somebody to swap crayons with and play hide-and-seek with and live out imaginary stories with. We start out getting that from our family. Then we get it from our friends. And then, for whatever reasons, we get it in our heads that we need to get that feeling- that intimacy- from a single someone else. We call if growing up. But really, when you take sex out of it, what we want is a companion. And we make that so damn hard to find.”

“She is no longer a person in his life; instead, she is a person that other people will remind him of.”

“Although it is such a singular word, there are many variations of alone. There is the alone of an empty beach at twilight. There is the alone of an empty hotel room. There is the alone of being caught in a throng of people. There is the alone of missing a particular person. And there is the alone of being with a particular person and realizing you are still alone.”

“Don't go for normal," Ari suggests. "Go for happy. Go for what you want it to be instead of settling for what it is.”

“How did my world get so small?”

“He never wears a watch (his own rebellion against time, against watching).”

“He knows he is missing something. He is always missing something. He can never get past the first stop of finding it, which is knowing what it is.”

“Being a comfort is itself comforting. Having someone find a place on your shoulder and be able to rest.”

“All this history...,' Danny says, then trails off. Lost in it. Feeling it connect. Realizing the weight of the world comes largely from its past.”

“It takes a traveler, not a tourist, to search for something deeper. Travelers want to find the wavelength on which they and the city connect.”

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