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The Homecoming of Samuel Lake

Jenny Wingfield

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I think maybe miracles are something everybody has to find out about for themselves. Telling them about it doesn’t make them believe. It just makes them think you’re crazy as a bessie bug.”

“September showed up right on schedule, and lasted a whole month.”

“They’d have people out looking for her, and nothing makes grown-ups quite so mad as finding a child safe when they’d been scared silly that they might find that child dead.”

“She was the most alone person he had ever met - so intent on staying forever breathtaking that she could never let any of life's glories take her own breath away.”

“Moses Never Closes was something folks counted on. It was a certain place in an uncertain world. Folks wanted it to stay the way it was, because once you change one part of a thing, all the other parts begin to shift, and pretty soon, you just don’t know what’s what anymore.”

“And that's the way things have gone along from that day until this. Not staying the same, but always changing. And that's okay, because once one part of a thing changes, all the other pieces begin to shift, and pretty soon it's a whole new story.”

“And she knew Life well enough to know that if one person in a house gets really miserable for any length of time, the misery spreads like smallpox.”

“Willadee asked him if he thought maybe it should say HAPPY EVER AFTER, but Samuel said no, he thought happiness was like any other miracle. The more you talked about it, the less people believed it was real. It was like Swan said, some things, everybody just had to find out about for themselves.”

“If you watch what the birds and wild animals do, you can survive pretty much anywhere, because they know things humans have forgotten, such as what’s poisonous and what’s not, and what it means when things suddenly get too quiet, and where to hide when what it means is danger.”

“You expect us to believe the damnedest things.”

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belief, childhood, fear, miracles, happiness, vanity, change, parenting

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