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Love Will Show You the Way: Choosing the Path of Least Resistance

Steve Leasock

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The desire of each person is to discover a balance between our mortal existence and the divinity within the presence of our being. This is often referred to as universal consciousness or oneness.”

“The activities of our existence confuse and cause fear. This is because we base everything on temporary superficiality and details. Thus, we define our life experience as something to reach with strenuous effort. Mind Conditioning overshadows our life experience. So, most people view balance and harmony as a fantasy or paradise. Furthermore, the majority of people think or belief that we can only reach this paradise through mind details. And, still very prevalent is the thought or belief that materialistic things will give us happiness and peace.”

“Have you every thrown one stone after another into a tranquil surface of water? The waves spread out in all directions. They collide with each other and all things that get in their way. In the same manner, this is the affect that thoughts have on our state of presence. The baseline (being present) is calm. ‘But, one thought after the other results in turbulence. What happens to a calm lake when you throw one stone after the other into it? The waves from each stone collide into each other without flowing their nature course. Similarly, the mind throws countless thoughts and feelings into our state of conscious living. ‘This is because we unconsciously attempt to focus on the majority of these passing thoughts. Hence, the torment of thought waves flood over the serenity of aware presence. Practice letting each thought flow without attaching anything to it. No labels, no judgement, and no anxiety.”

“Creativity is a blossoming flower that originate within the silence between thoughts.”

“Awareness is the pathway to limitless likelihoods. Thus, you live life from a perception without mind restrictions.”

“You are sharing the seeds of life with the universe. Please plant these seeds consciously, wisely, and with love. Everything reflects back to you and the seeds that have been planted.”

“What is your relationship with the mind and your inner universe? This is the key question in consciously awakening to a state of deeper presence.”

“We should not define, nor limit, the experience of life with mind details. Therefore, acceptance and non-attachment are essential in the experience of fully living life. Walk the path of life with consciousness as a walking stick. Thus, you will always walk a path that is known and true.”

“We have mostly forgotten how easy it is just to live and experience the totality of life. However, people are awakening to this fact more than ever before in our history. There is a shift occurring worldwide. Thus, this transformation has the potential to blossom into an era of conscious evolution for our species.”

“We emphasize the difference between masculine and feminine. Thus, we seldom acknowledge that both are part of one essence of being.”

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