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The World's Greatest Love Letters

Michael Kelahan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The more I examine my own mind, the more romantic I find myself.”

“Oh! my dearest love, why are our pleasures so short and so interrupted? How long is this to last? Know you, my best Mary, that I feel myself, in your absence, almost degraded to the level of the vulgar and impure. I feel their vacant, stiff eyeballs fixed upon me, until I seem to have been infected with their loathsome meaning--to inhale a sickness that subdues me to languor. Oh! those redeeming eyes of Mary, that they might beam upon me before I sleep! Praise my forbearance--oh! beloved one--that I do not rashly fly to you, and at least secure a moment's bliss. Wherefore should I delay; do you not long to meet me? All that is exalted and buoyant in my nature urges me towards you, reproaches me with the cold delay, laughs at all fear and spurns to dream of prudence. Why am I not with you?”

“I had loved you all my life unaware, that is, the idea of you.”

“To sit down so often with nothing to say,-to say something so often, almost without consciousness of saying and without any remembrance or having said,-is a power of which I will not violate my modesty by boasting; but I do not believe everyone has it.”

“I like the word 'affection' because it signifies something habitual, and we are soon to meet to try whether we have mind enough to keep our hearts warm.”

“ influenced me, in a way in which no one else did.”

“...nothing has humbled me so much as your love. Right or wrong it may be, but true it is, and I tell you. Your love has been to me like God's own love, which makes the receivers of it kneelers.”

“...your soul can never be long going to the fixed stars, where I intend to settle; or else you may find me in the milky way.”

“ have not only a very large portion of my affection and esteem, but all that I am capable of feeling...”

“I had a sense of your presence constantly.”

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