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When You Get the Chance

Emma Lord

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Like I finally get the sentiment behind all those sappy power ballads, where the music in them actually comes from: not from some burst of creative genius or some big, sweeping feeling. But from the moments in between. The sneaky ones. The ones where you look up at someone and your heart understands something before the rest of you does.”

“I wish more than anything I could ask him something now. I was prepared to lose him, maybe. But I wasn't prepared for what happens after the losing.”

“Because I drink coffee like a real New Yorker and you drink tea like the American Revolution never happened.”

“with this kind of affection that I understand all too well.”

“two performers who know each other’s overblown, ridiculous hearts all too well.”

“shift my butt in my seat, trying to sit up straighter and seem less like a teenage girl who had a month-long pie-baking phase after seeing Waitress and more like a force to be reckoned with.”

“and then we’d be flying the entire operation of “Fellowship of the Ring (Cooper Is Giving to Beth)” blind.”

“So how do you talk to your crushes?” Chloe asks, hot on my heels. “Pfft.” I wave a dismissive hand, flipping my hair over my shoulder. “That I can’t help you with. I can confidently say I’ve never had the time.” But even then, my laugh at Oliver’s text lingers in the back of my throat the rest of the way home—and for the first time in the history of ever, I fall asleep looking forward to seeing him the next day.”

“Oliver nods, and so do I, even though I’m not sure what we’re nodding about—whether it’s an acknowledgment of the secret I asked him to keep or the secret I suspect we are both keeping.”

“Oh.” I’m suddenly so hungry I could have taken one of those sheet cakes we delivered to the face. “Wanna go to Big League Burger?”

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