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White Flock

Anna Akhmatova

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The evening sky is gold and vast. I’m soothed by April’s cool caress. You’re late. Too many years have passed, - I’m glad to see you, nonetheless. Come closer, sit here by my side, Be gentle with me, treat me kind: This old blue notebook – look inside – I wrote these poems as a child. Forgive me that I felt forsaken, That grief and angst was all I knew. Forgive me that I kept mistaking Too many other men for you.”

“Forgive me that I felt forsaken, That grief and angst was all I knew. Forgive me that I kept mistaking Too many other men for you.”

“No one else was as close and as open, No one else so boiled my blood, Even he, who consigned me to torment, Even he, who caressed and forgot.”

“Why is it that you still beguile me – As wind, stone, bird – and all the likes? Why is that you smile on me – With sudden summer lightning strikes?”

“And it’s not because I’m tortured Or by some delirium swayed That I conjure up misfortune: It is just my trade.”

“I've ceased to smile long ago, The bitter winds now chill my lips, Another hope was just let go, Another song was added since. Against my will, I'll cede this song To people's laughter and offense, Because love's silence for the soul Is too unbearably immense.”

“They soar, they are somewhere mid-flight, The words of love and liberation And I'm succumbing to stage-fright, My lips – ice cold in trepidation. But soon, where birches, thin and humble, Caress the windows with their leaves, - The voice of the unseen will rumble And roses will be tied in wreaths.”

“Oh, my home is not my own – I lament and rue. Answer, stranger yet unknown, I am seeking you!”

“I’m happy. But some beauty is nonesuch - The gently sloping path across the wood, The wretched bridge that’s just a little skewed And that, for which, I won’t be waiting much.”

“We never quite learned to part, -We wander slowly side by side. Outside it’s starting to get dark, I’m silent, - you’re preoccupied. We’ll enter a church and we’ll see Baptisms, marriages, mass. A minute later, we’ll leave… Why is everything different with us? Or we’ll sit on the trampled snow In a dark cemetery and sigh, With a stick in your hand, you’ll draw A palace for just you and I.”

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