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Murder in the Mews

Agatha Christie

Top 10 Best Quotes

“A statesman in these days has a difficult task. He has to pursue the policy he deems advantageous to his country, but he has at the same time to recognize the force of popular feeling. Popular feeling is very often sentimental, muddleheaded, and eminently unsound, but it cannot be disregarded for all that.”

“I think a woman smothered in cheap scent is one of the greatest abominations known to mankind - Lord Mayfield”

“Nature repeats herself more than one would imagine. The sea has infinitely more variety.”

“Murder can sometimes seem justified, but it is murder all the same. You are truthful and clear-minded--face the truth, mademoiselle! Your friend died in the last resort, because she had not the courage to live. We may sympathize with her. We may pity her. But the fact remains--the act was hers--not another.”

“You are, madame, so perfectly armoured, so completely sure of yourself.' 'Now I wonder, if I am to take that as a compliment?' 'It is, perhaps, a warning--not to treat life with arrogance.”

“Retired soldiers are the worst sufferers when they engage in financial operations. I have found that their credulity far exceeds that of widows--and that is saying a good deal.”

“Popular feeling is very often sentimental, muddle-headed, and eminently unsound, but it cannot be disregarded for all that.”

“It takes so little to undermine public confidence in a man.”

“I think I said that every generation had its weaklings--that that was one of the penalties of greatness--but that their failings were seldom remembered by posterity.”

“How well you express it! That is exactly the curse of a politician's life. He has to bow to the country's feeling, however dangerous and foolhardy he knows it to be.”

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