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The Bollywood Bride

Sonali Dev

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I want you, exactly the way you are today, the way you'll be tomorrow, and fifty years from now. And I want you to want me enough to deal with whatever happens. I can't promise you'll be okay. But without you I will never be okay. And I know that without me you will never be okay either.”

“You put your soul into something and people think they can pass judgment on it just like that." She snapped her fingers. "I'll never get used to the critics.”

“The last thing she wanted to dig into was herself.”

“Dancing is the real plastic surgery," Uma loved to say. "It's what keeps you young.”

“You want to be friends? he'd asked her. And her life had changed.”

“The strangest things in life were precious. Someone to tell you when you were wrong was one of them. “I”

“The last thing she wanted to dig into was herself. She wanted to bury what was insider her deeper where it would stop haunting her.”

“The ever-present tangle of lies tightened around her like a hunter's net. The more she pushed it away, the more it clung to her like sticky, spindly spiderwebs. But the truth had to remain hidden inside the godforsaken asylum and inside the one of silence that was Uma, Vijay, and her, and tragically enough, Vikram's mother.”

“She was the kind of star who sold happy dreams. She didn't want to sell darkness. Pain was best left in the real world where it belonged, where it burrowed so deep you needed a multimillion-dollar industry to escape from it.”

“She wanted to bury what was inside her deeper where it would stop haunting her.”

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