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Rachel Van Dyken

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Because when your heart breaks, somehow it keeps beating.”

“And it made me wonder if sometimes the greatest loss you ever feel is something that nobody will see when they look at you.”

“Who quite possibly could end up being the right one. Because no matter how damaged your heart may be, it never loses its ability to choose again, to try again, to want love even after loss.”

“You like me because I find your faults?” “Hell no.” He laughed. “I like you because you make me want to fix them.”

“Because no matter how damn bad I wanted to be the guy sharing her present, I’d lost that opportunity the minute I walked away in her past.”

“You refused to be my friend. And everyone wants to be my friend, for whatever reasons they have. But you pushed, which meant you were the good ones. And when you looked at me, It wasn't about what I had. It was what I was lacking." "You like me because I find your faults?" "H*ll no. I like you because you make me want to fix them.”

“Right now, I want to take care of you. Just you. And then I want to hold you, in my bed. And not sleep a room away from you, wondering if the last man you think about is the same one I have to get along with for the next sixteen games without ripping his head off or wondering if he misses your taste the way I would. If he thinks about you naked like I’m going to. I can’t do that now. Not after tonight. Probably not ever. So don’t analyze this, don’t make this about you. Let it be about me, this man sharing a bed with you, and his jealousy over a past he was never a part of—and the fear he has over the fact that the past could still unfairly dictate his future.”

“Loss is loss, allow yourself to feel it so you can deal with it.”

“If you need to cry, I’ll hold you until you’re done. Sometimes the only way to get over things is to walk through them, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own.”

“Eat the fries before I orgasm in front of the whole resturant, Em.”

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