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Digital Agility: The Rocky Road from Doing Agile to Being Agile

Pearl Zhu

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Accountability means to say what you do, do what you say.”

“Learning agility means to learn, de-learn, and relearn all the times.”

“One of the reasons to see improved productivity in Agile is because of the simplicity principle.”

“The agile way is more adapt to changes but shall not lose the sight of big picture.”

“Agile is more a “direction,” than an “end.” Transforming to Agile culture means the business knows the direction they want to go on.”

“You can only fail better only if you learn from failures. And then failing is something that prompts you to move ahead.”

“On a digital continuum, you’d have well-defined processes on one end and loosely defined practices on the other end.”

“Agility within and of itself is a strategy.”

“The well-defined principles last when time moves on. However, a progressive organization or society will love to break the old or hidden rules in order to move forward.”

“In essence, Agile is a philosophy and a set of principles.”

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