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Shannon Hale

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Humming the Star Wars theme to encourage myself, I wobbled onto my feet. Sometimes a girl's gotta provide her own trumpet-heavy heroic soundtrack.”

“We were quiet, two tiny specks glued down by gravity, peering at a universe that didn't notice us back.”

“Why did everyone else seem fine but I felt as if I were living in a cage I'd outgrown two shoe sizes ago?”

“You'd better not talk about microscopes anymore," he whispered, "or I don't know if I can control myself.”

“NASA's next urgent mission should be to send good poets into space so they can describe what it's really like."--Dangerous by

“In Gotham, batman just stumbles into crime," said Luther. "Salt lake is annoyingly tame.”

“And this is where I'll end, before I know what happens next.”

“Life feels like fall of itself.” “'A dream within a dream.” “And I want to wake up.”

“Generally speaking, if a guy breaks your jaw and leg and cuts off your robotic arm, you file charges and get a restraining order. The only exception is when subtle machinations are needed to save the world from a massive, catastrophic alien takeover. But in no other circumstance.”

“Falling in love and falling to your death feel about the same, I thought. And I almost laughed.”

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