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The Healer's Apprentice

Melanie Dickerson

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Everyone will say I'm insane, but I don't care, Rose. Is it insane to marry the girl I love? A girl with golden brown hair, with gifts of beauty and goodness and storytelling?”

“Striding up to him, Wilhelm drew his fist back and landed a clean blow to Rupert’s jaw. Rupert reeled, and after two wobbly backward steps, hit the floor on his backside. He raised a hand to his face. “Feel better?” “No. Get up so I can hit you again.”

“The pain in his chest grew so intense it took his breath away. So this is what a broken heart feels like.”

“Because he cared for her. If he were completely honest, he didn’t want Rupert to marry her, because he wanted to marry her himself.”

“The impulse to tear her attacker apart set his muscles on edge.”

“Wilhelm studied Christoff and Georg. With a fair maiden in their midst, he knew his men too well to doubt their thoughts. He suddenly agreed with the dog. He didn’t want them staring at her.”

“Music was food for the spirit, and she closed her eyes to better feed upon it.”

“Lord Hamlin’s eyes darted in their direction, alighted on Rose, and held. His expression changed and his features softened as he looked at her.”

“Wilhelm let go. He turned to look at Rose. His heart seemed ready to leap out of his chest. Could it be? Rose? His Rose. It was too good to be true.”

“Wilhelm glanced up just in time to see Rose walk in. His jaw fell. Her hair, her dress, her face…She made everyone else in the room look pale and lifeless. He’d better close his mouth before someone saw him staring.”

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