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Heart of a Warrior Angel

Lali A. Love

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Turn on Your Inner Light and Illuminate the World”

“Lilac fiercely battled and fought off the demons that were on a mission to diminish her inner light, to the point of exhaustion, preventing the negative energy from dragging her and her sister into the dark abyss.”

“As Lilac found herself in the circle of love with her mother, Jasmine, Violet, Rose, Liz, and Jo, she could not help but feel the power of her divine feminine love for her soul tribe. It was so electrifying; she felt her heart was going to burst out of her chest into a million little lightning bolts.”

“This was the reason for the spiritual attacks Lilac had experienced throughout her life, and she instinctually knew she would continue to be a target for the sinister energy forces that had yet to fulfill their destructive mission.”

“There was so much dark, negative energy surrounding Dragan’s family and his paternal ancestral bloodline. These dark influences seemed to have attached to his father’s existence through his cruel and violent upbringing.”

“The hotel was quaint, and their room had a little balcony over an atrium, which seemingly was home to several stray cats and had the stench of stale urine. Looking down, Lilac felt faint. The hairs on the back of her neck were erect. Sensing a haunting presence in the atrium below her, she quickly stepped back inside and closed the balcony windows to shut out the unwelcoming energy.”

“Mira was abruptly awakened by the slamming of the front door when she realized that Lilac was sleeping beside her. She quickly moved Lilac’s arm and went to see what had caused the noise. As she reached the front hall, she recognized the shadow of a man sitting on her sofa. A bolt of paralyzing fear shot right through her body. She was stunned to see Dragan staring at her; his eyes were cold and illuminating in the darkness of the room.”

“Lilac was compelled to battle and overcome the evil in front of her so that Dahmien could be metamorphosed back to his divine spiritual wholeness. She was determined to combat his demons with pure, unconditional love to save her family from further torment and to end the ancestral bloodline curse once and for all.”

“Lilac intrinsically knew that she was about to be catapulted into an unknown event; however, she could not rationalize this instinct with her analytical mind. She was feeling discombobulated and confused, stuck between levels of consciousness and her perceived dimensional reality.”

“Lilac fell in love with the village of Positano. It had such incredible healing energy and positive vibes. The ambiance there moved her, and she understood why she had been receiving messages from the universe to come to this magical place. She sensed an imminent divine intervention but didn’t realize its magnitude at the time.”

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