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Already Here: the matter of Love

Kelly Corbet

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Why not believe in miracles, create them, invite them for dinner, and offer them a place to stay every single day? Just because we have not doesn’t mean we cannot.”

“Left unstewarded, anger, resentment, fear, frustration—any form non-Love takes—can grow into all sorts of warfare, internal and external.”

“I believe we can choose Love and gratitude, or choose Other Than. Those are our options, and in the end, there’s only one option.”

“Gratitude is a “nice” habit to adopt, warming your heart and all, but the Kumbaya effect is just the beginning. Gratefulness goes wayyyyyyy beyond the momentary feeling good, offering plenty of long-term and “practical” benefits we may never have intuited.”

“Every time we remind ourselves to focus on Love, our strength, abilities, and deep memory of it will increase.”

“What you think, you see. Your expectations create your reality.”

“Time is not real, so why spend lots of something that isn’t real going somewhere we already are?”

“There’s nothing you have to be, do, or get in order to find bliss. Just slow down, listen, and remember.”

“The more we invite Love into our lives and practice consciously Loving—removing our attention from non-Love—the more Love will flourish in and around us…and the happier we will be. A fabulous side effect of this practice is that those around us will also, by default, be happier…not because of anything we tell them, but because of how our own joy resonates with them. The goal is to focus—always—on our own thinking and our own deeds.”

“The biggest chunk of our thinking and/or beliefs is based on what we know from “the past,” and that imposes a huge limitation on our possible happiness!”

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