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Descendant of the Crane

Joan He

Top 10 Best Quotes

“What is truth? Scholars seek it. Poets write it. Good Kings pay gold to hear it. But in trying times, truth is the first thing we betray.”

“If you want to understand a person, peer at his heart through the window of his prejudices and assumptions.”

“Equality is not the natural way of the world, whispered her father's voice. It must be nurtured.”

“Missing some people was like missing air. You did yourself no favors by wondering how you survived without them.”

“You can't possibly touch all the lives in this world. But if you can lift someone with your two hands, that is enough.”

“No night was perfect for treason, but this one came close.”

“Anger is a form of confidence - a hope that the ones we admire will change for the better.”

“To learn, her mind had needed to unlearn.”

“This fate had chosen her. It was only now, seventeen years later, that she chose it back.”

“ Knowledge is truth, Little Bird. Those who refuse to learn live in a world of falsity.”

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