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Love's Remains

Jacqueline Simon Gunn

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Maybe my fear wasn’t that he couldn’t sustain emotional intimacy, but that he could. Maybe the scariest relationships were the ones where both people wanted to be close.”

“Some people will never love you no matter how hard you try and some people will love you without you having to try at all.”

“So often, we don’t see the beauty in ourselves. If we keep observing our reflection in the distorted mirrors of bad relationships, we start believing we are ugly and unlovable. And the flaws aren’t in how we look, but in whose eyes we’re seeing ourselves through.”

“In a world filled with envy and greed, we have dared to find love. We have dared to be vulnerable. And that is worth fighting for.”

“Relationships don't break you; they reveal you.”

“Love should be easy. Life is hard. Relationships are complicated. But the love, that’s the one thing we should be able to count on.”

“I wanted to keep him there to hold me up, to rely on, to remind me that there were places we found in other people that were safer than any walls could keep us.”

“You will always be my first love. My first everything. No love will be like the one I had for you, but I think the loves that come afterward can be just as good and most of the time better, because we are better. I was jealous when you first started dating her, because I could tell she was different. I kept wondering what she had that I didn’t, but it wasn’t her that was different, it was you.”

“You can’t make yourself love someone you don’t.” “And you can’t love someone if you don’t let them in. You have the potential for great love. I always felt that capacity within you. Don’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to experience something so beautiful with someone just because you’re holding onto a relationship that will never be.”

“I hurt myself by hurting you.” His face wore a look of compassion. I hated that look, because it reminded me that he was a good person, that he had tried over and over to apologize. He unwittingly brought out the part of me that I hated, and I projected that hate onto him, because it was easier to hate someone else than to hate myself. Tears poured out of my eyes. And he wrapped his arms around me, holding me as wept. And I hated that his arms still felt good.”

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