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The Drop

Dennis Lehane

Top 10 Best Quotes

“So he’s a bad guy.” “Everyone’s bad.” “No,” Bob said, “they’re not. Most people are okay.” “Yeah?” A smile of disbelief. “Yeah. They just, I dunno, make a lotta messes and then they make more messes trying to clean those first messes up and after a while that’s your life.” She sniffled and chuckled at the same time. “That’s it, uh?” “That’s it sometimes.”

“Everyone wants to tell you something -anything, everything - about themselves and they just go on and on and on. But when it comes time to show you who they are? Their shit is weak, Nadia. Their shit is lacking. And they just cover it up by talking more, by explaining away what can't be explained away. And then they go on talking more shit about someone else.”

“all he wanted was to not be alone, but he knew there was no getting rescued from that”

“Happiness made Marv anxious because he knew it didn't last. But happiness destroyed was worth wrapping your arms around because it always hugged you back.”

“Cruelty is older than the Bible. Savagery beat its chest in the first human summer and has kept beating it every day since. The worst in men is commonplace. The best is a far rarer thing.”

“Marv stared at his phone. Kids these days. It was like on that day in school when they taught personal responsibility, this entire fucking generation had banged in sick.”

“And yet they acquired. They built scaffolds of debt, and just when it seemed the pile would come tumbling down from the weight, they bought a living room set on layaway, tossed it up on top. And as they needed to acquire, they seemed to need to discard in equal or larger measure. There was an almost violent addiction in the piles of trash he saw, the sense it gave him of shitting out food you shouldn’t have eaten in the first place.”

“You ever hear of Little Christmas?” he asked her. “’Course,” she said. “January sixth.” “Nobody remembers it anymore.” “Meant something in my time,” she said. “My old man’s too.” Her voice picked up a tone of distracted pity. “Not yours, though.” “Not mine,” Bob agreed and felt a trapped”

“He would have just kept coming,” Bob said. “Once someone takes something from you and you let them? They don’t feel gratitude, they just feel like you owe them something more.”

“For a moment-maybe even a succession of moments and none sharp enough to point to as the cause-he'd been happy.”

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