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Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki, Vol. 1

Yuki Yaku

Top 10 Best Quotes

“…You said life was irrational and unfair, but that’s not true. The game of life functions on a number of simple rules. You just can’t see them because they intersect in complex ways.”

“…How on earth do you get those kinds of results?” “It’s nothing special. I just think a little longer and work a little harder than everyone else in every field.”

“You’ve got great base stats, so someone like you wouldn’t get how I feel.” Aoi Hinami’s mouth moved ever so slightly, like she was repeating my words, but I couldn’t hear her. I wasn’t even sure what my voice sounded like just then. “Life is unfair. I’m ugly, I have a bad build, I overthink until I can’t do anything, I’m wishy-washy, people make fun of everything I do, and I have no confidence in my ability to communicate. How is someone like me supposed to beat someone strong like you?” This might have been the first time I ever said something like that to a stranger. “But that’s all fine. Because life’s not fair. You don’t get results just by trying hard. If you could, I would, but life doesn’t have rules. No rewards, no right answers. As a game, it’s a piece of shit. If there’s no right answer, then there’s no point in trying. And I hate the way normies like you live. Your confidence is totally baseless, and you go around in packs just pretending to have fun.” With the floodgates opened, I couldn’t stop myself. “Even when I have a reason to be confident, I shy away. When I’m in a group I just feel alone, and it’s not fun. I’m used to this life. I don’t know why things are this way. You have a problem with that? I’ve been like this as long as I can remember. That’s fine with me. I’m a loner, but I have my fun. I’m fine with this…” I clenched my fists. “…So don’t force your values on me!”

“Obviously. If you’re planning to take on a boss, you’re not going to win unless your level is high enough for whatever they’re going to throw at you.”

“It’s my pet theory that the best games are always the simplest. The game of life looks like it doesn’t have any rules, but actually, it’s just an elegant, complex intersection of the simplest rules. You said life’s a shitty game, but that’s ridiculous. There’s no better game in the world. You just don’t know it yet… Nanashi is a great gamer, so how can I let him keep losing at such a wonderful game? …Tomozaki-kun, I’m going to give you an offer—no, an order.”

“…Okay, consider this. When you buy a new game and bring it home, do you get good by reading the instruction manual?” “What’s that got to do with it?” “Just answer the question.” “…No. I mean, I do read the instructions, but to get good you have to play. Otherwise, you won’t understand what it’s really about.” “Exactly. They’re the same.” “The same?” “You don’t master games by reading the instruction manual. Same with real life.”

“Y-you sure have a lot of energy, Mimimi…” “Right? My plan is to get through life on my cheerfulness and smiles.” “Ha-ha, that’s amazing…I mean, that sounds hard…” “Hard how?” She peered at my face curiously. “I mean…surely there are times in life when you can’t be cheerful and smiley…right?” Mimimi blinked. “What are you talking about?! The harder things get, the more you smile! Frowning just makes it harder, right?”

“The amazing thing about her was how hard she worked to make herself that way.”

“That’s true, but…it shows that you have a strength.” “…I…do?” What did she mean? “You did it in home ec, too. Apparently, you’re good at saying what’s on your mind.” “Uh, saying what’s on my mind? Isn’t everyone good at that? I mean, all you have to do is say it.” Hinami wagged her finger. “Not quite. There are more people who can’t do it than can.” “Huh?” “For example, Mimimi. Her strength is her flexibility. Do you think she’s good at saying what she’s thinking?” “…Oh, I see. You mean she’s good at agreeing with the people around her.” “Right,” Hinami said, nodding. “What about Hanabi? She’s probably good at it, right? At speaking her mind, I mean.” “…Yeah, probably.” “Are there a lot of people like her? Or not so many?” Uh…not many. Fine, you got me. “So…this is a rare skill I have?” “Yup. In a sense, this is your weapon, your strong point, your killer technique. And fighting on the field where you’re strongest is the foundation of gaming, right?” “Um, yeah.” “Okay. So if you get in trouble, you can fall back on this skill. Remember that.”

“That’s the perfect way of putting it. She’s not a baseball genius or a genius inventor or whatever—she’s a genius at life.”

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