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The War Beneath

S.R. Hughes

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You believe that. People believe all kinds of crazy shit. People think the sky is up. The sky is out though, isn’t it? We just feel more comfortable thinking it’s up ‘cause otherwise you gotta admit the whole world is a little speck of rock floating in the fucking dark.”

“if you’ll let me hijack your feed for one second, I think we could help each other. The voice was chemical-sweet, carcinogenic, a pool of oily promise cooking in a silver spoon. Its silky bravado reminded Deirdre of stories about devils and demons, about dark fae spirits feasting on firstborn children after a handshake and a trick.”

“What could someone say to the dead to earn their forgiveness?”

“The thing appeared jointed, osteological, a creature of bone and sinew, but it moved like drooping glue. It stretched out and fell from the ragged hole in the ceiling, a horrific whiteness of teeth and bladed limbs. Too many legs, three arms—one from the top of its spine, if it had a spine, the others from curdled-milk textured shoulders—and a vast jaw lined with rows and rows of jagged fangs. In the center of the serpentine tube of its torso, a red-black hole guttered to its innards.”

“The deal involved saving your life. There aren’t any subsection clauses to that. I saved your life. And if you hurt that kid, I’ll take it back.” Frank’s lips flapped, making sounds but not words. Deirdre didn’t wait for him to figure out how to speak again.”

“Reality unzipped before her eyes, floors and walls melting into some new Dali steelscape. Gravity twisted, shifted, plucked at her from different directions like groping hands. The beaded blood from their opponents rose from the floor and floated mid-air. Somehow, her feet stayed stuck to the ground.”

“I’m looking for information.” She lifted her arms, indicating the breadth of the library, and declared with self-parodied drama, “I’m surrounded by it!”

“You’ve got something on Randall or else you wouldn’t work with him, so what’ve you got?” “Addresses, names. His whole crew.” “You scared of him?” “He’s insane. We got his kid, he’s got a son in Portland, we keep an eye on him. If we didn’t have that…” “Are you scared of him?” she repeated. “Y-yes.” A drop of sweat fell from her forehead and splashed onto the back of his scalp. An oppressive quiet grew around them. “Think carefully about this next one,” Deirdre whispered, craning forward to get her lips close to his ear, pressing the barrel harder against his skin. “Are you scared of me?”

“You ever notice it’s the things you want to change that never do?” Virgil asked. “And all the shit you want to keep always ends up changing?” Paul hadn’t always seen ghosts. “I don’t know if too much ever really changes,” he said.”

“Virgil stepped back from the front door and drew a non-standard-issued sidearm—a large-mouthed weapon of history. A hand-me-down from an officer in one of those wars that were supposed to end all those other wars.”

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