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The Diary on the Fifth Floor

Raisha Lalwani

Top 10 Best Quotes

“We plan and plan and plan for tomorrow, without realizing there might not be a tomorrow”

“The choices we make define the kind of people we then become. The main question here is: Do we like who we have become?”

“She wished there was a place where one could go and buy the people they wanted in their lives. At least then, money would bring in happiness that wouldn't be so temporary.”

“She was keeping it together. Coping. Coping with the disapproval of her parents towards the choices she'd made.”

“People prefer talking about each other rather than talking to each other.”

“It is quite common for people to be nervous or embarrassed about visiting a psychiatrist. It shouldn't be, but it is.”

“I walked in the dark, with a heart full of love. I was carrying my soul, when Dior was enough!”

“Everyone needs someone to lean on, and not being able to trust anyone long enough to take a bit of weight off your shoulders is a harsh way to grow up.”

“One must learn whatever there is to be learned; but at the same time, you must not allow yourself to become so deeply invested in matters outside your control. How other people behave in something is something for them alone to ponder over.”

“Do we let our children be the way they want to be? Do we let them feel what they want to feel? We don't. We constantly try to change them. There is a difference between changing and moulding.”

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