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Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction

Patricia Highsmith

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Writing is a way of organizing experience and life itself.”

“I create things out of boredom with reality and with the sameness of routine and objects around me.”

“If the writer thinks about his material long enough, until it becomes a part of his mind and wakes up thinking about it- then at least when he starts to work, it will flow out as if by itself.”

“Writing is a craft and needs constant practice.”

“It is then good to remember that artists have existed and persisted, like the snail and coelacanth and other changing forms of organic life since long before governments were dreamed of.”

“A book is a really long continuous process, which ideally, should be interrupted only by sleep.”

“write down all those slender ideas.”

“I had depressing thoughts that the theme, even though I had thought of it, was better than I was as a writer. Henry James or Thomas Mann could easily write it, but not I. 'I'm thinking of writing it from the point of view of someone at the hotel who observes her,' I said, but this did not fill me with much hope. Then my friend, who is not a writer, suggested I try it from the omniscient author's point of view.”

“Every failure teaches something. 12”

“A book is not a thing of one sitting, like a poem, but a longish thing which takes time and energy and since it takes skill, too, the first effort or maybe the second may not find a market.”

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