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Girls of Storm and Shadow

Natasha Ngan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Being vulnerable isn't a flaw. It is the most beautiful thing in the world. If you were invincible, being brave would be easy.”

“Wren and I might not be Paper Girls anymore, but we are still capable of creating fire. And now we have a whole world to burn.”

“There is nothing stronger than people who endure the worst hardships in the world and still raise their fists at the start of a new day to fight all over again.”

“I was a girl with fire in her veins.”

“She is my air. My shelter. Wren is my wings.”

“Fear is good. It means you care. And caring is its own kind of magic. One just as powerful as any dao I can weave.”

“I am still that girl of paper and fire - and I'm going to prove it to them.”

“We have a new goal now, Wren. One we can share the burden of together.”

“Burn bright, my brave daughter.”

“Hold on to that as tightly as you can, Lei. Because war will do everything it can to take goodness from you. I think sometimes people forget there will be time after all of this-for the lucky ones, at least. And when that time comes, we'll all have to live with what we have done.”

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