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Back to the Future: Rebuilding America's Stability

Karla Perry

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The kingdom of God works in all spheres of culture, whether church, family, education, government, arts, business, or media. It is time to stop operating under the mindset that these spheres ought to be separated into secular and Christian, hoarding all the ‘sanctified spheres’ into the church, thereby leaving the world struggling in a vacuum of death. When we suck all the living water into the church, the world is left to die of thirst.”

“We cannot take on anger toward these professors. They are ensnared in a faulty worldview…Let us not blame the world for being the world…We can respond by pulling up stakes and retreating further into our sub-culture or we can be the harbingers of freedom to the captives. Our focus is to be on restoring rather than retreating.”

“Truth is exclusive of non-truth; there is no way around that.”

“Remember, God placed man on earth and gave him dominion over the earth to cultivate and steward it. The fall of man subjected the earth to the same corruption as the hearts of man, but the work Jesus did on the cross set the course for the reversal of this process and the return to our intended mandate. Instead, we as Christians tend to sit back while those who do not know the Lord cultivate and dominate the earth. This is not wrong. They are in fact doing what they were created to do, but they are doing it under a different master. Consider what the world would look like if we took up our God-given mandate and released, by restoration, the glory of creation to a watching world!”

“All of Western civilization is highly influenced by the Bible, so much so that today people take for granted that our morals and our values are not common sense, but biblically based.”

“Acknowledging the problem is healthy, fearing it is not.”

“[The] faith spoken of in the Bible is not a matter of intellectual belief, but a matter of connecting experientially and substantively with the person of Truth, Jesus.”

“We must learn to think again. America floats on a sea of misguided philosophies, all competing for equality while the values that provide true freedom are hidden in a dishonored generation. Returning to biblical principles will shore up our foundation and increase our freedom and health as a nation.”

“The truth is only a few hundred people are at the top of the media infrastructure…in America, and their worldview is what gets delivered to the people. It isn’t necessarily that there is a conspiracy…a humanist will promote humanist values. If we choose to see it as a conspiracy, we will demonize those we find to be culpable and will lack the insight necessary to instigate change.”

“The strength of America is not vested in the ability of the government to remain true to Christian principles. It rests in the strength of the people to stay true to the Christian virtue that provides an adequate base for electing virtuous representatives, thereby maintaining our Constitutional Republic.”

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