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My Heritage

Jaachynma N.E. Agu

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Your Fight With Someone Over An Issue Doesn't Change That Person...It Only Gets You Burnt Out...People Change When They Make-up Their Minds To Change! Never Forget That...”

“When Ego Goes Up...Destruction Becomes Inevitable!”

“Don't Stay Awake At Night Because Of Unwise Speeches From Untrained Lips.... They Do Not Worth The Time You Are Wasting On Them!”

“Balanced Life Is About Quality of Time At Work, Quantity of Time At Home And Staying Connected To God All The Time!”

“When a Child is Constantly Criticized...He begins to criticize Himself...This Self- Criticism Grows Into Negative Comparisons...which in turn develops Into Low Self-Esteem... Correct That Child In Love! Give Him Room To Grow.. Don't Snuff Confidence Out Of Him!”

“To Know You...You Have To Know God Because Knowing Him Is Knowing You!”

“The Scripture Is Given To You To Create The Picture of Your Lovely Future...”

“The Scripture Is Given To You To Create The Picture of Your Lovely Future!”

“Notable Things Happen In Our Lives When We Don't Allow Fear Roam Freely In Our Situations!”

“Love Is Not A Feeling...It's A Giving Of Oneself to The Other...It's A Commitment!”

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