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& Until The Dreams Come

Danabelle Gutierrez

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You were a furious bull and I was a china shop with beautiful red curtains.”

“Why kill a wild thing when you can take it home and tie it down?”

“Even through the smoke, you are still the most beautiful thing in this city and I, well, I am still the last thing you’d save in a fire.”

“You said: "Wait for the moon with me." I stayed. I waited. The moon never came.”

“My tongue was handed down to me by datus and katipuneros. The truth is my mouth is a battlefield that you wouldn’t know how to fight in.”

“If it doesn’t feel like your heart is either drowning or is being set on fire then it probably isn’t worth it at all. Love is all consuming. It is the perfect murder, the sweetest suicide. Let it kill you. It’s worth it, I swear.”

“I'm sure that you didn't think I would notice, but we memorize the strangest things in a person when we're in love with them.”

“The first summer that we spent together, we did so many obscene things to each other, that by the end of it, the trees blushed a shy shade of scarlet, leaves falling to the ground, scandalized by our acts.”

“you see, the thing is, I just don't know how to write anything that doesn't start with a lump in my throat. And I really don't know how to write anything that doesn't end with your hands on my neck.”

“I've never known love that wasn't an animal waiting to devour.”

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