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Theories of Everything

Brian Andreas

Top 10 Best Quotes

“What makes you an adult? he said & I said it's mainly a height requirement & the willingness to keep quiet when people say stupid things. —Adult Club”

“Rules for making the world: 1. Stand up & do the thing you see needs doing. 2. That's it. (If it was easy, we'd be having a different conversation.) —Action Plan”

“I should probably give up pretending I'm going to be somebody someday, he said, but a rich fantasy life is one of my best qualities. —Fantasy Life”

“I don't think of it as avoiding, he said. I think of it as another opportunity to practice ignoring things that bug me. —Steady Practice”

“What could go wrong? I said & she shook her head. I thought you had more imagination than that, she said. —Fertile Imagination”

“Things they tell you before you were born (in case you were wondering why a lot of this stuff seems vaguely familiar) 1. Life will bump up against you & it'll be awhile before you stop taking it personally but the sooner you do that, the easier it gets. 2. It's all about Love. Even the parts you decide are really hard. 3. You're not going to have to do this alone, but you're going to take awhile to figure that out, too, especially if you end up in America.”

“Of course I already know the best thing to do, but it'll have to wait a little while longer. I'm still convinced I can get my own way. —Best Thing”

“I've never been good with current events, she told us. I always keep getting bogged down with simple things, like 'why are we here?”

“I like to live extravagantly in my mind, she said, but in real life I keep to the edges because I bruise easily. —Fringe Dweller”

“indulging in his flair for the dramatic & trying not to think about who he's going to have to apologize to tomorrow”

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