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A Candid Aim

Aida Mandic

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I’m a rebel in the game of chance I have learned to enjoy the spiritual dance I have yearned to speak the language of truth I have the power to inspire our youth”

“I was born to soar in the clear skies, chosen by fate to fight for a life that is true. I was born to roar, with a sense for justice, and eyes that penetrate in a manner that is powerful and intense. I was born wanting more than just what was handed to me on the obvious plate.”

“you seek identity through raw emotions instead of going through the motions karma played a rough hand but it helped you to understand”

“we could stay in America put up with agony and despair or go back to Bosnia no one promised it would be fair how much more suffering am i supposed to take how many more beatings until i finally awake if you’re never placed in situations that make you doubt your faith how will you ever come to know what makes the heart leap and grow”

“the more that they sought to bring me down the more i fought to rise above gaining tremendous will power and drive i have never felt more alive sometimes the events that scare us remind us of what is important life has become my favorite drink because every moment has a link”

“schools want students to conform rewarding an outdated art form but innovators have their place helping transform the human race”

“our collective psyche is not achieving its goal our hearts are as black as coal if only we could stop being clumsy progress would not seem so flimsy”

“not everything i think or feel is going to be socially acceptable i’m sick of watering things down making them more digestible i’ll roll the dice i’ll take my chances being politically correct isn’t my definition of respect i’ll shout this only once and you’ll begin to believe i’ll shout this only today i’m not what i seem”

“i’m made of magic and madness iron fist in a silk glove and when i can’t bear sadness that’s when i turn to love”

“it’s fascinating to note how some people treat you when they think that nobody relevant is watching them”

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