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Strange Beasts of China

Yan Ge

Top 10 Best Quotes

“My mother used to tell me, ‘You can’t be sure that beasts aren’t people, or that people aren’t just another type of beast”

“You're only alive for a while, but dead forever. How you live, how you die, that's your own business.”

“You can be a born actor, but that means everyone’s watching you perform, and they laugh at you when you display emotion. If you can see all the way into the depths of truth but you just play the fool, that’s ridiculous. And if you’re completely unaware, even funnier.”

“We were city people, after all, and didn't ask too many questions.”

“We have barely any knowledge, but are conceited enough to fill books with our ignorance anyway.”

“The plot was full of holes, of course, but nobody expects short stories to make sense.”

“People should leave when their story is over,' he said. 'Don't you know that?”

“Never cry, or your tears will water your sorrow and it'll grow.”

“I understood now that his innocence didn't come from not knowing anything, but rather from having seen everything there was to see, understanding it, and setting it down.”

“Humans possess intellect, and claim the knowledge of the ages. They take neither sorrow nor joy from material gain or personal loss. Thus their existence is more difficult than necessary, as they strive too hard for cleverness, and push away from the heart. The fugitives fear capture, and the captured fear escape. They live out their days in uncertainty. What good fortune for the beasts, to lack intelligence; how cursed humans are, that they possess it.”

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