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Cult Classic

Sloane Crosley

Top 10 Best Quotes

“This was before I knew that the timing of a cruel thing does not make it more or less cruel, before I knew that only good way to hurt someone is never.”

“The reality of an image both expands and narrows the imagination. It breathes, inhaling the new understanding and exhaling the old one.”

“Just because something ends prematurely doesn't mean it won't end eventually. Usually that's exactly what it means.”

“Love is agreeing to live in someone else's narrative.”

“Romance may be the world’s oldest cult. It hooks you when you’re vulnerable, scares the shit out of you, hold your deepest fears as collateral, renames you something like ‘baby,’ brainwashes you, then makes you think that your soul will wither and die if you let go of a person who loved you. So you better have a good goddamn reason for saying ‘nah, not enough.’ The love lobby is worse than the fun lobby. More misery, more addiction, more heads on spikes. And for what?”

“The city was a parade of places shut down, left early from, arrived late to, sat in front of, met to say goodbye at. This is how it was for everyone. If you wait long enough, anyplace will become a barracks of the romantic undead, a sprawling museum of personal bombs.”

“You'll find there are certain fragile truths every couple has.”

“I don’t think I meant a word of it. But this is how you speak when you’re in a bathroom stall in your twenties, high on cocaine, and testing the depths of your friendships.”

“You know who gets to drink coffee at fuck-you hours, I thought? The French.”

“Men, who can be so oblivious in most arenas, are very good a knowing when a woman’s heart has left the building.”

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