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The Doctor's Daughter

Shari J. Ryan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I just can’t see a future, and I believe that might mean it’s because this is all it will be.”

“Your life is not dependent upon anyone else’s. You don’t know what the future holds—none of us do, but I believe it holds more than what we are experiencing now. Hold on, dear. Just hold on. Please.”

“Whispers in the dark were something of a nightmare years ago. Today, it’s the only form of communication we have inside these walls.”

“This war isn’t about who has more muscles, or who has a higher level of intelligence, more money, or power—it’s about hatred, and the repercussions of such a feeling are more powerful than any weapon in the world,” I explain.”

“There is life after death, happiness after misery, and the chance to create new memories that replace the old.” — The Doctor’s Daughter: Totally heartbreaking and completely unforgettable World War Two historical fiction”

“Someone always has it worse than us. Reading others’ nightmares, whether true or not, can only make our current situation feel lighter.”

“Nothing is what it was, and this town is no longer a part of who we are.”

“No one warned me there would eventually be a last tick.”

“Living in this nightmare leads nowhere, and I can only continue walking through the tundra of bone-chilling winds, through the snow, toward the endless wall of clouds for so many days in a row before I feel the need to fall to my knees and beg for forgiveness.”

“It’s easier to dream of a future where we are not in a war.”

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