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North of Hope: A Daughter's Arctic Journey

Shannon Huffman Polson

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I wondered what those mountains behind them might tell me, what advice they would give, if they could talk. What they would tell me about love, and about loss, and about how this wild place could heal as naturally as it could kill.”

“There is no greater intimacy than sitting with someone traversing that tenuous boundary between worlds, sitting vigil with a spirit trembling on the border, reaching toward the new and releasing the old.”

“The line between the living and the dead may not be much of a line at all, but the terrain is not for the weak of heart.”

“In this waiting, there is witness.”

“Resurrection does not come without crucifixion, and you cannot celebrate Easter without living Good Friday.”

“Pain too much to handle also comes with exquisite beauty, as common as dirt, as unexpected as grace.”

“Grief would weave itself among the threads of love and life and hope, and I was starting to believe that what came of it all would still one day be beautiful.”

“What is known might sometimes sustain us, but what is unknown will save us.”

“Tracks were adumbrations of the energy of life all about us, the recent history book of wilderness.”

“They were part of a web of humanity, and the web was torn, and those of us who are left all have to do the work of repair. Grief is something we claim with even a passing knowledge of someone, rocked by the finality of death in the intimacy of its implications. They are in our lives, and then they aren't.”

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