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Rachelle Triay

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When talking about my relationship with God, or any other area of my life, I want to choose to GROW. Incidentally, my waistline is contradictory to this. It grows when I ignore it and only decreases when I am intentional!”

“You only have one today, one tomorrow. You only have one life. Let’s make the most of it. Let’s choose to GROW!”

“You are made with a purpose that only you can fulfill. The Holy Spirit will help you achieve that purpose.”

“When the road gets hard, do not quit. When you are unsure of your next steps, pray and seek counsel, then keep moving.”

“When I am living with an eternal Kingdom perspective, then growing in relationship with my Creator will rise to the top of my priorities.”

“We have to choose growth. Rarely does growth happen without us becoming intentional.”

“We are called to GROW, but we are not called to grow in every area all at once.”

“Ultimately, we can powerfully impact the world with Christ’s love.”

“There is Kingdom work for every one of us to do. Let’s GROW together in our faith, focused on Jesus while encouraging each other to take steps toward maturing as Christ-Followers.”

“The purpose is growth. The purpose is change. The purpose is to move you into action and mature you as a believer so you will grow in your relationship with God.”

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