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The Foe Within

P. Sheelwant

Top 10 Best Quotes

“… I had promised myself to go and ask for his forgiveness one day, but now that he is no more, I have lost that chance of amendment, too.”

“… Could I have missed them more? What a fool I had been while they walked and talked and lived …”

“… ‘doing what you are good at will only make you good; focusing on what you can, potentially, do better than best of the rest, is the only path to greatness’…”

“… few grasped – with piercing insight – what they had the potential to be the best at, and, just as important, what they hadn’t…”

“… You must wriggle out from your ‘curse of competence’ the moment you know you can never better the best of your competitors there. …”

“… You can never kill that ‘Helena’ because ‘she’ is ‘you’. She is as much a part of ‘you’ as your eyes, your ears, your arms, and your legs are. …”

“… Why hadn’t I, too, been on board AI 666? We could all have been having bonhomie as dead as when alive…”

“… Why do you think monkeys don’t let the peanuts go off their fists … to freedom? … Monkey’s self-image of perching high in the crown, munching on fisted peanuts, has already enchained him before the hunter does. …”

“… Why didn’t you ever tell me, Dad? I never loved you less than I did when you were so confident about the success of my tennis career; never.”

“… When I needed their support the most, one first threw me out … and, then, they all ditched me and departed as if in vengeance, yoking me up to nursing a child …”

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Book Keywords:

emotions, insight, internal-conflict, imagery, internal-dialogue, self-realization, self-improvement, psychic, emotion, helplessness

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