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Dolphins Eat Cake For Breakfast: Thoughts For Dreams

Miller McKenzie

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When she opened the door to my heart, she pulled it off it’s hinges and now everyone can peer inside at my love.”

“To love someone with no house in their chest is to endure nothing else other than the slow spinning pirouette of the vicissitudes of life.”

“The ocean is just a desert that cried all its tears until it became something beautiful.”

“Perhaps the opposite of evil isn’t good, rather it is loved.”

“My body is a house and it is haunted by it’s previous owner, a man who hoarded pain.”

“My body is a house and it is haunted by its previous owner, a man who hoarded pain.”

“I was dropped at birth and left on the ground. Now I am crawling, and there’s a rainbow beneath me.”

“I was digging a hole to throw all my problems down, but I fell in right at the end.”

“I used to think showing my pain to the world was a way of helping others who experience similar pains. I didn’t mind being seen as broken as long as it made someone else feel less broken. Though as time has gone on, I am learning that the most important thing I can show the world is actually my healing. I need to show the world the temporariness of pain.”

“I know that me growing and changing doesn’t entitle me to second chances with the people who removed themselves from my life, but I hope I can make proud the parts of them that did so out of love.”

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